Sports Injuries/Rehabilitation

San Carlos Acupuncture Resolved Mike’s Sports Injury
in 2 visits

“Don’t wait until your injured to get acupuncture”

Serious Neck Injury Healed in just 3 Visits for Sebastian at San Carlos Acupuncture

“I’m definitely going to continue seeing Dr. Kniskern on a maintenance basis.”

Deborah’s Burning Pain Eliminated in 2 Treatments at San Carlos Acupuncture

“The progress has been excellent . . . It’s been more flexible and relaxing.”

1 Treatment at San Carlos Acupuncture stopped 15 weeks of Neva’s Pain and Misery

“After our first visit the pain was gone!”

Three visits to San Carlos Acupuncture eliminate Fractured Fibula and Severe Knee Pain for Lisa

Rick’s arthritic thumbs and arm pain were taken care of in 2 visits

One Acupuncture treatment addresses Parkinson’s and chronic shoulder pain for Marcus