San Carlos Acupuncture: Doc’s Perspective- Chronic Foot and Ankle Injuries

Dr. Kniskern here,

In the past month and a half I have successfully treated 4 complicated foot and ankle injuries. Three were women and one was male. One genesis is stress and over use, three had developed over a period of three to nine months, each of the latter three having been incorrectly diagnosed and treated.

“It just never seems to get any better,” they say. “I use ice constantly, it stops the pain, but the injury still causes me discomfort even when I just climb stairs or go for a walk.”

My first question to each of them was, “Why are you using ice for more than 48 hours or so? While ice is a great treatment to halt the progression of bruising, these benefits are actually relatively short lived in day to day traumas.

Ice and cold compresses shunt blood away from the area of application. It’s actually your blood which will do the healing. After a period of time where the blood has been “stagnated” by trauma or shunted away by well intending ice packs how can it heal?

As you may have guessed increasing circulation to the area of concern is the answer. For the early stages of pain and limited ROM (Range Of Motion) due to “Blood Stagnation” hot foot soaks are the answer. When the condition persists beyond these initial stages athletic and daily traumas respond quickly and well to natural Acupuncture and when necessary Herbal Medications when prescribed by a knowledgeable professional.

In Health,

Dr. Kniskern, Ph.D.,L.Ac.,O.M.D.

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