Kasma Obtains Immediate & Emergency Relief from San Carlos Acupuncture

One Sunday morning as Church Services were concluding, Dr. Kniskern received a tearful message from Kasma,  an Internet Specialist recruited to the Bay Area for training from Indiana. She was desperate on a Sunday to find a doctor to alleviate her pain.  San Carlos Acupuncture was there for her.

Kasma had been suffering with back pain and stress for some time. Even though she had received medical treatment, medication, physical therapy and tried various forms of exercise including stretching, yoga, light weight lifting and palates, she remained in constant pain.

Kasma obtained immediate  and emergency relief from her treatment at SanCarlosAcupuncture. She was pleased with the personal and professional touch of Dr. Kniskern. After her treatment, she reported feeling lighter and free of pain in one visit. She especially liked the fact that Dr. Kniskern was ready and willing to give her a great treatment on short notice on Sunday. She even made an appointment for the next day.

Dr. Kniskern / San Carlos Acupuncture will make exceptions in his schedule by working on a Saturday or Sunday in extreme cases, here too Autism patients can also receive treatment on a weekend.

To schedule with Dr. Kniskern, Ph.D., L,Ac., O.M.D. contact:

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