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In my view of health care, I see too many patients being treated the same as everyone else, with the same treatment modalities and receiving the same unsatisfactory results.

Dr. Kniskern studied Western or “Allopathic” Medicine at Stanford University, Traditional Chinese Medicine at the San Francisco College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Physical Therapy and Adaptive Physical Education for Special Groups at San Francisco State University.  I achieved my Medical Doctorate in Oriental Medicine and wrote my initial research dissertation comparing Eastern & Western Medical Systems in current health care at Euro Tech University. I completed my second research dissertation in Nutritional Immunology at a University Of Hawaii, Honolulu.  All of this work has shaped my perspective in health care, and  accordingly, has led me to my current research and development in Autism Protocols, a non-pharmaceutical based approach. I view each patient and condition on an individual basis and needing their own specific protocol of attention.

My approach is tailored to the specific needs of the condition.  I can utilize western Medical laboratory results, but also 5,000 Years of the wisdom gained in Traditional Chinese Medicine to diagnose and treat my patients’ health issues.  In addition and at the basis of specialized protocol treatment lies a proven biomedical approach in Micro Current and Nutritional & Immunological components, a balanced approach to treatment based upon specific diagnosis. Also at the basis and foundation of treatment and following my diagnosis, I can more specifically treat each particular patient as an individual with specific needs.

A correct diagnosis of the condition is imperative for a correct treatment and relief of symptoms leading to a resolution of the underlying condition. I use a holistic approach: Beginning with extensive history taking and examination utilizing an analysis of the face, eyes, tongue and pulse to ascertain the treatment principles to be used. Where is the imbalance in the body? Interior or Exterior. What is the nature of the imbalance? Hot or Cold, Excess or Deficient, Yin or Yang.

Allow me to help you evaluate your needs or those of a loved one to achieve the life you desire.

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A Fitness Professional’s Evaluation

Dr. Kniskern is one smart guy. He went to school forever: physical therapy school, medical school, acupuncture school, PhD program in nutrition & immunology and a Medical Doctorate in Oriental Medicine.

He knows how to get people better and is a good referral source for my clients. My wife and I also go to him and we have both seen great results. I am always relaxed after and surprisingly enough I get a nice nap in his relaxing environment every treatment I have (even with needles inserted).

I recommend him to all my clients.

-Brien Shamp
Met-Rx 1st Place World’s Best Personal Trainer Contest-1999
Best in the Bay for Weight Loss-KRON 4-2009

Plantar Fascitis and Knee problems

THE MIRACLE WORKER!!!  I first went to Dr Kniskern about 10 years ago on a referral from a business associate who saw how much pain I was in with every step.  I had been to all the famous foot doctors including the resident “foot god” in Oakland and all of them told me that nothing could be done.  I really had no faith in acupuncture at that time and only went as  a last resort as I had nothing to lose.  Within a few visits I was improving and within a few months I was totally back to normal.  I went a three times a week to start and then twice a week and once a week etc…until I was about once every 6 weeks just for maintenance. I do recall during one maintenance appointment that I mentioned “Gee, Dr. Kniskern now  if you could just get my injured knee to work again (after 15 years of not being able to squat down) that would be a miracle…he did just that in one visit.  I cannot say that I understand the methods used but I certainly appreciate the results.  I went from a skeptic to a believer.  However, be careful as all acupuncturists are not equal.  I would give Dr. Kniskern a big “THUMBS UP!!!

-Elaine M.

Kids Too

Dr. Kniskern treats children too.  I took my two sons here.  They received wonderful treatment from Dr. Kniskern.  One son was anxious and depressed and suffered from horrible allergies, skin rashes and digestion problems. Dr. Kniskern’s sensitive treatment helped his skin rashes to disappear.  No dermatologist was able to help with the eczema like rashes.
He has autism and Dr. Kniskern has helped him calm down so that he can focus better at school.

The most amazing cure came for his anxiety and depression. Dr. Knisern uses micro-current therapy as well as acupuncture.  In almost one treatment the anxiety and depression lifted.  He was a different person.  I was very grateful to Dr. Kniskern because I did not want to give him medication.

Dr. Kniskern also treated my other son for cold and flu symptoms.  This helped so much

-Sandy, San Mateo

Personal Touch

Hi my name is Mike. Like many people, I have thought about seeing an acupuncturist. Where do you find a good acupuncturist? Do you do your research or know someone who is seeing one? With luck, I knew someone. On my first appointment with R.B. Kniskern (Doc), he proceeded to treat my biggest problem, which was both of my shoulders. The shoulders were injured about twenty years ago and I was almost disabled. I was thinking about a shoulder operation or something different. So why not try acupuncture, I have nothing to lose except for a few bucks. Not long after I returned home, I received a phone call from Doc asking how I was.  I said, “No doctors ever call their patients.” Doc said, “Don’t you think they should call all their patients.” Well I was impressed to find someone who truly cares. It’s been about a year since I have been a patient of Doc’s and I have my life back. Doc has been treating my shoulders, stiff neck, bad knees, lower back stiffness, allergies, and snoring problems. He also prevented a cold from going to my chest and still treated a 30 year old foot injury successfully too. This all seems kind of unbelievable, but it is all true. I finally have a sense of well being without drugs, alcohol, tobacco and caffeine.


Back and Neck problems

I have suffered from back and neck problems including a herniated disc in my neck, for eight years. I was in pain almost all the time, with sudden inexplicable debilitating spurts that eventually made it impossible for me to work or have a normal life. Over this period, I tried every conceivable treatment including finally, major discectomy and bone fusion surgery which I was trying my best to avoid. But even this didn’t fix my problems.

I was still in pain and even worse, my body had become so weak that I couldn’t even tolerate physical therapy, a decent walk or even a massage. On top of this I was on so many pain and anxiety medications that I had severe gastro-intestinal problems, dizziness and nausea. Finally one day I walked into Dr Kniskern’s office and within a few visits, I was off all medications, my excruciating headaches and GI issues were gone and my whole body pain had improved to such an extent that I felt that my body had been restored to me again. Since then my positive outlook and self-confidence have returned and I am continuing to gain more energy, strength and happiness every day. Although I had tried acupuncture before as well, Dr Kniskern’s treatment and holistic approach has helped me in a way that no other treatment ever had and has enabled me to participate in life again. I just wish I had found Dr Kniskern earlier!

– RZ

Sinus Infection

After three months of suffering from a pronounced sinus infection and no signs of abatement from antibiotics and steroids prescribed by an allergist, I sought the help of Dr. Kniskern and his acupuncture and herbal protocol.

Acupuncture has relieved me of my sinus infection as well as my low back, shoulder, and neck pain. Since continuing with acupuncture, I no longer suffer from repeated colds. My energy has never been better and I feel great! I have not needed to return to drugs and I am happy to report that calling Dr. Kniskern was the most productive phone call I have ever made.

– KF


15 years ago, before meeting Dr. Kniskern, I was unable to walk due to debilitating osteoarthritis. I had been to 20 other specialists in the Bay area and no one could treat my condition. It was so painful to put weight on my joints that I was bed ridden most of the time. In fact I had to be carried into Dr. Kniskern’s office for my first visit.

After the third visit I was able to enter his office by using only a cane for support and miraculously after the fourth treatment, and ever since I have been completely mobile needing no assistance either from a wheel chair, crutches or a cane.

Thanks to Dr. Kniskern, today, I operate my family business and I am able to lead a normal life.

– KF

Digestive and Immune Problems

I have been receiving acupuncture and herbs for the last three years. In this time Dr. Kniskern’s treatment has healed my digestive system and enhanced my immunity and resistance to colds and treated my allergies. It also contributed greatly to my overall wellbeing.

Dr. Kniskern has provided me with a regimen that has improved my quality of life.



I suffered from migraine headaches that were so bad I was unable to function. The migraines prevented me from making plans in advance and my migraines lasted for four days. Even when the migraines had passed, I continued to suffer from pressure and pain in the in the back of my head and the left side. Western doctors gave me cortisone shots, which did not alleviate the pain or the headaches. One doctor recommended against medication for migraines due to my high blood pressure. I suffered for seven years not living just existing.

Finally, I tried acupuncture with Dr. Kniskern and in one year my migraines ceased completely. Now I can make plans and enjoy life again. I never thought that I would ever be able to do this again. My only regret is that I didn’t try acupuncture earlier. Acupuncture has given me my life back.


Difficult Menstration and Hair Loss

Great Fantastic Acupuncture!!!!!
I have been to many acupuncturists and Dr. Kniskern is really the best in the business. He takes the time to explain the Chinese Medical Diagnosis and his treatment plan. My menstrual cycle was erratic. I had tremendous cramping and heavy bleeding. He was able to even this all out for me. I was also losing hair and very frightened that I might become bald. My hair is not falling out and its longer than ever. I highly recommend him for any condition. He studied with some of the best Chinese Doctors here and in China. He really knows his medicine.

Dr. Kniskern also gives you sleep points if your sleep is not so good. I love the relaxed feeling I have during the treatment.

He was also able to help my mother after she had knee surgery get back to walking sooner than she might have without treatment.


Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue

Amazingly awesome acupuncturist! 7-10 years ago I was in an auto accident where I was rear-ended badly.  My whole body literally felt like I was hit by a semi truck.  I was in bed for 2 days, too sore to move and a mild concussion.  A friend referred me to Dr. Kniskern and all I can remember is he had me up and functioning in a week!

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in January 2010.  I had tried all medication treatment plans my primary care and rheumatology doctors had suggested and none were helping me feel better.  I was still in a lot of pain, losing a lot of sleep and tired all the time.  So, I called Dr. Kniskern to find out if this is something he can treat.  I am now off all the medications and now on herbs. I currently see him 3 days a week and the plan is to taper down to a maintenance level as I get better.

I have referred and recommended Dr. Kniskern to a lot of my friends and family.  Those who have seen him have been very pleased with the results.


Insomnia Cure: My Story

I have found a credible and effective acupuncturist in Dr. Kniskern, as well as a trusting and genuine health advocate.

Despite living an active and healthy lifestyle, I’ve been battling chronic insomnia for the last 2 years (and it’s been bad … experiencing a recurring cycle of ZERO hours of sleep per night for several nights).  Over the past 5 years, I’ve also experienced heavy nasal congestion and sometimes difficulty breathing.

Last year I met with numerous doctors and specialists of Western Medicine including cardiology, neurology, psychology, psychiatry and pulmonology.  In addition, I have participated in two 6-week sleep programs and two separate overnight sleep studies.  Mind you, my sleep was completely gone – a frightening situation, as I’ve never experienced insomnia in this degree.  I wanted to quickly rule out some possible nasty medical scenarios.

Sleep medication was ineffective.

After discussing my situation with Dr. Kniskern, I quickly sensed his genuine concern for my health and well-being.  He clearly explained the process and patiently answered my many questions … I liked what I heard, put my trust in him and scheduled my first acupuncture session same day.

That same night I noticed an ease in my breathing.  The ease of breathing, especially at night, got better with each session.  And, after 3 sessions, I was also beginning to sleep for a few hours, which for me was equivalent to full night of deep sleep!  After 9 sessions in about a week and a half, I had my first restful night of 7 hours of sleep … and drug-free.   The return on such a slight investment for my great health is priceless!

I will continue to see Dr. Kniskern well after my sleep becomes regular as I am convinced that his style of acupuncture has a tremendous effect on my mind, body and health.  Anyone looking for an experienced and knowledgeable acupuncturist, I feel, could do no better than Dr. Kniskern.  Be well.