Frequently Asked Questions

How long is one treatment?
The treatment with acupuncture takes approximately 1 hour.

Do the needles hurt?
I use extremely fine sterilized needles, which are used once and discarded after use. The needles are about the size of a hair, and inserted skillfully at varying places on the body and at varying depths according to the underlying tissues and the area(s) of pain. Some patients report a slight momentary tingling or numbness when the needle reaches the chi. A treatment can be very relaxing and patients often fall asleep.

What other healing techniques do you use?
I use traditional acupuncture with needles. Micro-Current therapy. I also place hot compresses in combination with other treatment to facilitate the movement of chi, which then remove the congestion and relieve pain.  Qi-Gong, which I have studied and practiced for healing, the Seven-Star Needle, and cupping, if appropriate.

Do you prescribe herbs or vitamins?
I prescribe Chinese Herbal Medicines in pill form, which may be taken internally by the patient to enhance the therapeutic effects. I only prescribe herbal medicines, which are FDA approved and monitored. The herbal combination works from the inside to complement the acupuncture. Vitamins and minerals may be recommended.

How long after treatment can I resume daily or physical activities?
Most patients continue regular activities immediately following treatment, however excessive stresses should not be placed on injured sites or areas of concern until these conditions are healed in a satisfactory manner.

Can I continue going to my Western physician as well?
In many cases pharmaceutical intervention may be reduced or eliminated in the wake of successful acupuncture therefore pre-cluding drug side effects and speeding recovery.

How long will I have to be treated for my condition?
This depends on the duration of the condition or symptoms, the overall constitution of the patient, the type of condition and the patient’s lifestyle. A patient may see relief from pain in one or a few treatments. Some conditions may require extended treatment and evaluation, such as infertility, fibromyalgia, shoulder pain and associated injuries. Acne responds quickly to acupuncture and Micro-Current.

Can acupuncture be preventative?
Yes, often Western medicine cannot detect the beginning stages of what will eventually become a serious disease or condition. Western medicine is limited to the objective symptom, which are often known only after the condition is in a more serious stage. Traditional Chinese Medicine is able to diagnose the onset of a condition because of the holistic approach that is used in treatment. For example, a patient who is experiencing mild stomach irritation upon eating spicy or oily food with some loose bowels or mild constipation may over time and without intervention become full blown irritable bowel syndrome, stomach ulcers or even cancer. Chinese medicine would take these symptoms combined with diagnosis of the face, tongue, eyes, pulse and other irregularities to determine the underlying condition. The condition can then be treated with needles and herbs to resolve the accumulated stagnation. If you told a Western doctor these symptoms, they might prescribe Tums or something similar, which only masks the condition and does not address the underlying problem. As a result, as you age, the intestinal irritation may well develop into more serious conditions as mentioned above.