Autism, ADD, ADHD and OCD

Bridging new frontiers in the treatment of  Autism, ADD, ADHD, and OCD with the use of Micro Current Technology, Acupuncture & Herbal Prescription since 1993. Dr. Kniskern has been treating many of the debilitating symptoms of these formidable conditions successfully.

Utilizing Traditional theories combined with current technological advances underscoring the causative factors within Autism, Dr. Kniskern applies appropriate diagnostic principles in defining each patient and their unique condition.

There are no two autistic or ADHD patients that are alike. The diagnostic tools of Chinese Medicine assist in determining the varied underlying issues that create the symptoms expressed in autism and individuals with attention deficits and hyperactivity. For example, an autistic child who is unable to focus may have an excess phlegm condition that fogs the brain. A hyperactive child might have excess liver heat. These conditions can be treated at their root. Phlegm is often a function of deficient digestion, and acupuncture points directed at building the spleen and eliminating the phlegm help clear the mind. On the other hand the hyperactivity often seen in autistic patients and ADHD can usually be a condition of excess liver heat. A treatment administered to reduce the energy of the liver can help calm the individual.

These patients can exhibit challenging skin rashes and allergies as well as intestinal weakness. Dr. Kniskern has been successful in treating these secondary conditions often suffered by individuals diagnosed with autism and ADHD.

Many families want to address autism and ADHD without pharmeceuticals that may have harmful side effects. There are very few studies that have been performed on the long term effects of many common drugs prescribed to treat symptoms of autism and ADHD. They all have Side Effects. Chinese medicine, acupuncture and herbs offer a safe alternative that address both the symptoms and the underlying causes.

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