The ancient Chinese method of acupuncture has been used for thousands of years throughout the world. It is a widely accepted practice in the West that has been shown to help treat a long list of ailments.

Treating Alzheimer's Symptoms with Acupuncture


Lastly, there is evidence that micro-current can help manage symptoms associated with Dementia such as anxiety, agitation and depression. Micro-current in it’s ability to facilitate conduction of energy or Qi through areas blocking nervous and Cerebral conduction (like the neck and shoulders also penetrates to the Cerebral Cortex and deeper brain structure), employ milli amperes of corrective stimulation much in the same way acupuncture points are used to help stimulate specific organs or parts of the body. The healing power of micro-current, as noted by Dr. Robert O. Becker in his ground breaking book, “The Body Electric,” provides a scientific examination of the bodies corrective electric current and how micro-current will reestablish this neurological function, thereby correcting diminished physiology required to reduce insomnia, increase rest, and relieve fears and anxiety. Traditional Chinese Medicine has many modalities to choose from, all of which can provide a safe and natural accompaniment to micro-current and other contemporary Western Dementia treatments.