Traditional Acupuncture is the application of fine needles, which stimulate areas referred to as points. The points are located along channels traversing the body from head to toe. The energy, or electro negativity, contained within these points has a stimulating effect locally or distally to the sight of insertion and causes a change in physiology, rebalancing body energy and function.

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Herbal Medicine
Herbal medicine is the main modality of treatment within Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM.

Its written theory stretches back not less than 3,000 years and its practice is undoubtedly much older than that. The majority of these formulas are from vegetable sources: leaves flowers, twigs, stems, roots, tubers and barks.

Empirical evidence has proven these medicines work on different conditions such as intestinal flu, the common cold, allergies, gynecological concern, autoimmune diseases, chronic, viral and degenerative diseases due to aging. Herbal prescriptions are holistic and do not cause side effects, unlike pharmaceuticals. For patient convenience our herbal prescriptions are available in easy to swallow tablets.

Steven Suffered with 2 years of Insomnia then experienced Immediate Breathing Relief at San Carlos Acupuncture.

Steven had 2 years of insomnia and had immediate relief of breathing with San Carlos Acupuncture.

His breathing was immediately relaxed after first session. Sleep is progressing in less than a week.

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Jeff started feeling results after his very first treatment and has eliminated insomnia and is feeling more rested than ever!

Marie Reduces 6 Years of Knee Pain, Neck Pain & Back Pain in Only 2 Visits:

The application of Micro-Current therapy is the use of milliamperes of electrical current, which allow modification of cellular structure to achieve physical / behavioral changes and eliminate pain in muscle tissues. Micro-current helps to 1) Re-stimulate and energize dormant cells. Cells are like batteries — when they run low in energy, they become sluggish and dormant. 2) Boost the cells’ ability to rid themselves of waste products. Waste interferes with the flow of energy, nutrients and communication. 3) Increase blood supply to the area stimulated. By increasing blood flow living cells and tissues are nourished and refreshed.

The procedure is entirely painless, entailing the application of pads on specified areas of the body. Specific areas of the brain are utilized to modify nervous transmission in re-patterning the body to create changes for healing. Anxiety, addictions, vision enhancement & repair, weight loss, wound healing, circulation problems, insomnia, autism, ADD, pain control and non-surgical facelifts are a few of its successful applications.

Providing expert nutritional advice in food and herbal combinations for debilitating physical and emotional concerns, Dr. Kniskern is able to resolve complicated conditions with acupuncture, Micro-Current and dietary changes. He also specializes in designing personalized treatment and herbal prescription for weight loss and personal body restructuring.

Dr. Kniskern earned his Ph.D in Nutritional Immunology in 1999 and has been practicing Oriental Medicine with an emphasis on healing and stabilization through nutrition and herbal prescription since 1993.

Vision Restoration

More Fantastic Vision Restoration Results With Micro Current and Acupuncture

“. . . At San Carlos Acupuncture Maria has had her Vision and Energy Restored while Eliminating Anxiety, Chest Pain. . .”

“Dear Dr. Kniskern,

Thank you very much for the treatments on Wednesday and Friday that included the micro-current. My eyesight seems to be better. I also seem to feel better and much more relaxed. My mind seems to be clearer too. I think a combination of acupuncture and micro-current treatments are much more effective for my condition, thank you for suggesting this. Hope this effect will last till I see you again this coming Wednesday.”

~ LC

“. . . When we arrived home after Barbara’s Vision Restoration treatment with Dr. Kniskern she was able to see the . . .”

Your eyesight is vital to your life. If you have been diagnosed with circulatory-related eye disorders, such as, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, retinal detachments, color blindness or far-sightedness, you may be losing your vision. Hope is here! We can save your eyes!

We combine Micro-Current and Micro-Acupuncture to actually change physiology, improve eyesight and give hope to an aging, vision-diminished population.

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